Hi, I'm George, and I've been making lap steels since 2011.
I started out by making a simple one using a 2x4. Since then I've been coming up with my own designs, honing my skills with everyone I make.

I'm always looking for new kinds of wood to work with, different densities and thicknesses.
I make all my lap steels using the strings through the body, as to capture the true tone of the wood.

I only use quality components. From the electronics, to hardware, I take no short cuts. This is a labor of love for me.

If you would rather have different hardware, like pickups or tuning pegs, I can also accomodate.
If you're local, you can stop by and play one that you're interested in.

I can also put a video together if you want to listen to one if you're too far away to visit.
Every lap steel I make is strung up with new strings, and tested. If for some reason you're not 100% satisfied, I'm sure we could work something out for me to make it right.

                     Any questions or orders, I can be reached at:
  PHONE:                  (484) 223-5987
  EMAIL:              [email protected] 
​                     I will respond within 24 hours.


Pink Floyd tribute band out of Philadelphia, PA.

Billy Martin, guitarist, and I collaborated on on a lap steel design he wanted me to make. This is what we came up with. He sent me these pics from some of their performances.

Check them out!

           The Paul Knakk Band

A collage I put together of The Paul Knakk Band, at his debut CD release concert at The Steel Stacks at the old Bethlehem Steel. That's Geoff Black playing the lap steel I made for him.