Hi, I'm George, and I've been making lap steels since 2011.
I started out by making a simple one using a 2x4. Since then I've been coming up with my own designs, honing my skills with everyone I make.

I'm always looking for new kinds of wood to work with, different densities and thicknesses.
I make all my lap steels using the strings through the body, as to capture the true tone of the wood.

I only use quality components. From the electronics, to hardware, I take no short cuts. This is a labor of love for me.

If you would rather have different hardware, like pickups or tuning pegs, I can also accomodate.
If you're local, you can stop by and play one that you're interested in.

I can also put a video together if you want to listen to one if you're too far away to visit.
Every lap steel I make is strung up with new strings, and tested. If for some reason you're not 100% satisfied, I'm sure we could work something out for me to make it right.

                     Any questions or orders, I can be reached at:
  PHONE:                  (484) 223-5987
  EMAIL:              [email protected] 
​                     I will respond within 24 hours.

SP3 Steampunk Lap steel guitar

            Steampunk lap steel guitar. 

    -Seymour-Duncan Custom 5 Humbucker              pickup
    -Wilkinson tuning machines
    -This lap steel is fully functional as an
     -if you have any questions, please ask.

                $1,200  + shipping
             Still Available          

     Black Walnut & Bocote Lap Steel

Lap steel #24
-22.5" scale
-one slab black walnut
-turquoise epoxy fills and fret dots
-Bocote fret board and pickguard
- walnut knobs
 -Seymour-Duncan Custom 5 pickup
- Honduran Rosewood Bridge
- Bone nut
- Grover Tuning Machines
- Tru-Oil finish
-includes padded zipper case 

         S O L D   

​​Curly Maple & Black Walnut

  Lap Steel

- 34.5" x 9"
- curly maple body, walnut accents
- olivewood fretboard & pickup ring
- walnut knobs
- Honduran rosewood bridge
- bone nut
- Seymour-Duncan Custom 5 humbucker
- Grover tuning machines
- Tru-Oil finish
- soft, padded zipper case included



    Ambrosia Maple & Bocote

​​Lap steel #22
-Ambrosia Maple body
-22.5" scale length
-33.5" x 1.5" x 10" at widest area
-Bocote fretboard & pickup ring
-Honduran rosewood bridge
-Walnut knobs
-Bone nut

-TV Jones Supertron Pickup
-Grover tuning machines

-Soft, padded zipper case included.


    Still Available

Black Walnut Lap steel #21

-22.5" scale
-Black Walnut body
-Bocote fretboard
-Bocote pickup ring

-Black walnut knobs
-crushed turquoise fret dots
-Zapote bridge
-bone nut
-Tv Jones Supertron pickup
-Tru-Oil finish
-Includes soft, padded bag


  Still Available   

           Curly Maple with 
     Black Walnut accents 
​ Semi-hollow body lap steel

25" scale length
-Leopardwood fret board and 
   pickup ring
-Honduran Rosewood bridge
-Black Walnut accents
--Walnut knobs
-Grover Tuning machines
-Seymour-Duncan Humbucker
-Tru-Oil finish
-Nickel Ferrules
-Bone nut
​-Includes soft, padded bag

​            $1,000.00
            Still Available

Ambrosia Maple Lap Steel #19

-Made from one slab of Ambrosia Maple
-30" x 9.5" (at its widest) x 1.75"
-Bone nut
-Zebrawood bridge
-Tigerwood knobs
-Lacewood fret board
-Honduran Rosewood Pickup ring
-Seymour-Duncan Custom 5 Humbucker
-Grover Tuning machines
-Tru-Oil finish

-includes soft, padded bag


                 Still Available     

Camphor Lap Steel #18

-33” x 10” (at its widest) x 1.75”
-The body is made from Camphor
-Pickup ring and ferrule plate is    African Beli.
-Fret board is Lacewood
-Bubinga knobs
-Zapote bridge
-Grover Tuning machines
-Bone nut
-Seymour Duncan Custom 5    Humbucker pickup
-Tru-Oil finish

​-Includes soft, padded bag


 S O L D

 Curly Cherry Lap Steel #17

Solid plank of Curly Cherry
-Bolivian Rosewood fretboard and pickup ring
-Bubinga knobs
-Quilted Maple headstock cover piece
-Grover tuning machines
-Seymour-Duncan Custom 5 Humbucker
-Tru-Oil finish
-33" x 7" x 1 7/8"